Reimagining the future of
African agriculture

The AYuTe Africa Challenge awards cash grants to support promising young agritech innovators across Africa who are using technology to reimagine farming and food production across the continent.

Each year, Heifer International invests more than US$1.5 million to accelerate digital agriculture entrepreneurship in Africa — a transformative force we call AYuTe. 

In 2022, the AYuTe Africa Challenge is expanding its role as an African agritech accelerator. New national competitions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal and Uganda are offering young innovators a chance to secure the funding and visibility to scale their ideas and ambitions.

Why AYuTe?

The AYuTe Africa Challenge is offering something new for African agriculture.  

It combines features of prize money and mentorship to help translate the energy and ideas of young innovators into meaningful impact for smallholder farmers across the country. 


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Meet the AYuTe Africa Champions

West Africa 2021


Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, the founder of ColdHubs, is recognized for his work helping smallholder farmers in Nigeria access affordable and sustainable ways to keep their produce fresh and cool. ColdHubs now owns and operates dozens of compact, walk-in, solar-powered coolers at rural produce markets in central Nigeria, and Ikegwuonu has big plans for further growth.

East Africa 2021

Hello Tractor

Entrepreneur Jehiel Oliver is recognized for his work harnessing the power of technology to enable African farmers to access the machinery they need to boost their productivity and sustain their livelihoods. Oliver’s company, Hello Tractor, is already active in 13 African countries and Oliver plans to expand its reach across the continent.